Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?

Do you suffer from any of the following symptoms?
            • Loss of libido?
            • Lack of desire for intimacy?
            • Diminishing sex drive?
            • Vaginal dryness?
            • Pain during intercourse?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, you may be among the 50 million women who suffer from Female Sexual Dysfunction. (FSD)

So what can be done about it?

Jo™ is a revolutionary new gel designed to enhance your sexual experience and increase the frequency and intensity of your orgasms!

Apply directly to the clitoris for maximum results (click here for a diagram). The effects are experienced approximately 10-30 minutes after application.

Experience Sexual Stimulation FAST!

Jo™ Sexual Stimulant Gel offers impressive sexual enhancement results. Applied directly to the genital area, Jo™ Sexual Stimulant Gel will work within minutes to increase lubrication, arousal and sensations. Your overall sexual experience will be more powerful, more frequent and ultimately more rewarding for you and your partners!

You''ve possibly heard of sexual stimulants such as Jo™, Viacreme and HerTurn from TV and on the Internet, so what makes Jo™ stand out from Viacreme and the rest of the crowd?… PRICING!

Jo ™ Sexual Stimulant Gel - the easiest, most cost effective Route to
Explosive Female Orgasms!

A deciding factor when considering sexual enhancement products is the price you have to pay to experience sexual enhancement. We at Herbal America don''t believe in high pricing. That''s why you''ll find our prices are the best across the board.

Jo™ Sexual Stimulant Gel offers a package of 50 applications for the low price of just $49.95. (The price lowers the more you purchase) which makes:

Jo™ Sexual Stimulant Gel cost per application = $0.99

The cost of Viacreme is an amazing $130 for 24ml. Each 24ml Viacreme order comes in 12 - 2ml packages giving you just 12 applications making:

Viacreme cost per application = $10.83

That''s right! To get the same amount of applications of Viacreme as you would receive in a single package of Jo™ Sexual Stimulant Gel you would have to purchase 4 sets of Viacreme (4 x $130 = $520) and that''s STILL not as many applications as you receive from one purchase of Jo™ Sexual Stimulant Gel at the low price of just $49.95!

Imagine paying $520 US for what you could purchase at the cost of only $49.5 US! You save almost $500 purchasing Jo™ Sexual Stimulant Gel instead of Viacreme. Just imagine what you could do with that cash!

Jo™ Sexual Stimulant Gel is over $10 cheaper than Viacreme and that''s per application. Wow, what a price difference! Viacreme offers a brand name. (Viacreme has been featured on Oprah and other shows, but because of this they can charge higher amounts.) The Viacreme and Jo™ ingredients are very similar and the results are the same. So why PAY more when you can GET more for less?

Not only is Jo™ Sexual Stimulant Gel less expensive than Viacreme, it also comes with a money back guarantee. You won''t find guarantees like that with Viacreme!

Selina James from Portland wrote to us and said…
"I tried Viacreme, I tried HerTurn, and I tried Sensitille. I think I tried them all. I was fairly satisfied but wanted the best of the best. Now thanks to Jo I don''t need to look anymore. I had such amazingly fast results I couldn''t believe I could get something so great at such a low price, and I was GUARANTEED results too!

Viacreme had me paying the big bucks. Now I can spend that money on something else and STILL get the sexual enhancement I desire!"

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Sexual enhancement doesn''t have to be painful!
Sexual enhancement doesn''t have to cost the earth!
Sexual enhancement doesn''t have to be messy!

Jo Sexual Stimulant Gel is water based and easy to clean up, there are no side effects and it''s proven to be effective in helping women experience sexual enhancement safely and quickly! Why not pick up a pack today and give it a try?

Jo™ Sexual Stimulant Gel for women Works!