Finding the Best Physicians for the HCG Diet Miami

Finding the Best Physicians for the HCG Diet Miami

When it comes to selecting a physician for you or your family, it’s important to find the most knowledgeable and experienced specialists in your area. This is especially crucial for obese men and women searching for HCG diet doctors in Miami Florida.

In addition to the emotional and social issues stemming from excessive weight gain, obesity is host to many potentially life-threatening side-effects, including: elevated cholesterol, clogged arteries (atherosclerosis), poor circulation, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, sleep disorders, breast and colon cancer, high blood sugar (hyperglycemia), depression, and high blood pressure (hypertension).

The HCG diet Miami is an effective, fast-acting weight-loss program contains Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone that enables the body to tap into and use stored fat. When combined with a calorie-restricting diet, HCG helps dieters subsist more on stored fat than on food they consume. As a result, the HCG diet Miami can burn 3,500-4,000 calories of stored fat daily, which amounts to losing up to 1-2 pounds/day!

The results of the Miami HCG diet are just as impressive. It has been proven to normalize metabolism rates, improve energy, strength and stamina, eliminate constant hunger cravings, and reduce blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol levels and fat levels. However, the degree to which the aforementioned symptoms of obesity has already compromised your health makes it absolutely essential to consult HCG diet doctors in Miami Florida PRIOR to attempting the HCG diet.

A comprehensive evaluation of your medical history by a qualified physician must take place in order to determine your suitability for the HCG diet. This includes a full review of ongoing medical conditions, current medications and surgical history, along with blood work and body composition (percentages of body fat, water and muscle mass).

So don’t take unnecessary chances with your health and wellbeing. Consult the best HCG doctors in Miami Florida PRIOR to getting started on an HCG diet. You’ll be glad you did!

If you have used an HCG diet in Miami FL, we invite you to share your comments and results.