Hastings Healthy Living September 2011 Newsletter: Big Changes!

Hastings Healthy Living September 2011 Newsletter: Big Changes!
Hastings Healthy Living September 2011 Newsletter: Big Changes!
Hi everyone!

So, I''m just going to get to the point.... I''m having a baby! Yup, that''s right, my husband and I are looking forward to welcoming our little girl this Dec 1st (that''s her due date, but if she''s like her mom, she''ll be late, ha, ha)!

As you read this newsletter (if you are in fact reading it in September), I am currently seven months pregnant and that''s why my newsletters have been M.I.A for the last few months. For the first few months of my pregnancy I was working to strike a delicate balance between morning sickness (which came for me in the evening) and the constant need for a nap (or like what my husband liked to call "my coma"). But my healthy appetite and energy has returned and while these days I have baby on my mind, I am happy to be in touch with all of you again!

Below you will find the usual health and nutrition tips along with a new section for pregnant women and new mom''s. It''s called every time "Motherhood Tips and Treats", just a short section with healthy eating tips and those things I''ve found helpful during my pregnancy!

Newsletter Content:
1. Upcoming Events
2. Article of the Month: Kitchen Essentials
3. Recipe of the Month
4. Motherhood Tips and Treats


I have a handful of awesome classes I will be teaching before my maternity leave begins! Here''s what''s going on over the next 2-3 months:

1. Fall Detox and Yoga Class
After the hot and humid days of summer, autumn offers us some sweet relief, a chance to slow down and take care of ourselves before the business of the holidays begins. Sure it''s easy to keep going "full steam ahead" only to find yourself depleted and sick when winter arrives, but who really wants to go through that again!

Date: Sunday Sept 25, 2011
Time: 11 am-2 pm
Location: 264 North Main st East Longmeadow Ma 01028
Cost: $35 pre paid, $40 at the door .
Please call 427-4806 or email Renee to pre register! (we cannot guarantee an info packet if you do not pre register!)

This class will be co-taught by Renee and the owner and director of Heartsong yoga, Sheila!

Experience a strong yoga practice designed to release long held tensions in body mind and spirit, especially for digestion and elimination/detoxification. This flow practice is all levels but be prepared to move!

You will receive information and support about creating a 3 day detox plan, with 3 brand new options for healthy, easy and safe food choices, especially designed for moving from summer to fall! It''s a gentle detox program that will reset your body, mind and spirit and is specifically setup for those who detox every year and those of us who have never done a detox before!

2. October 5, 2011- Gluten Free Cooking Class

3. October 11, 2011- 40 Day Life Makeover


Contact Me

Thanks for taking the time to read my newsletter! If you have any questions or want more information on any of the classes just click here
To your health and happiness,

Article of the Month: Top 5 Kitchen Essentials

Most of us have the basic gadgets to cook a good meal in our kitchens, but over the past few years of my ever evolving cooking career I''ve come across some tools that make cooking easier and a little more fun! You may look at this list and have theses items in your kitchen already, my hope is you''ll discover a new way to use an old standby or you can check out your local kitchen supply store or amazon.com to pick up what you need.

1. Micro-plane Grater- this handy little tool is great for zesting citrus and for grating garlic or cheese. I find it''s easier to clean than a garlic press!

2. "Food Scraper"- the one I have is from the Rachel Ray collection and I got it on amazon, here''s the link, but they also have different brands at Bed Bath and Beyond. Use it to scoop the onion or tomato or whatever you chopped off of your cutting board, you know you always leave pieces behind when you use your knife or your hands!

3. Kitchen Tongs- yes, I know you probably already have a pair (or two) in your kitchen, but here are some ideas on how to make use of them. Toss pasta or a stir fry, use them when grilling, grab corn on the cob from a hot pot (or anything from a pot of boiling water) or if you''re like me (short), use them to grab hard to reach spices from your spice cabinet!

4. Wood Cutting Board- a lot of us have plastic cutting boards, which work fine, but here''s something to think about, every time you chop some , tiny pieces of your cutting board (you won''t be able to feel or see these microscopic pieces) can chip off and make it''s way into your food. Now, I don''t know about you, but I''d rather have little pieces of wood in my food than plastic (plastic can be very toxic). Plus, wood (or bamboo) absorbs odors better).

5. Potato Masher- you can use it for the obvious, mashing potatoes, but try it when making egg salad, or breaking up ground beef when you''re frying it up for a pasta sauce!

Recipe of the Month: Nut Crunchies

About 3 cups of your favorite raw nuts and seeds: pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, almonds

1 tablespoon olive oil (or more to taste)
1 tablespoon maple syrup (or more to taste)
Sprinkling of cinnamon, nutmeg, or pumpkin spice
Extras: raisins, oatmeal, dried fruit

1. Combine seeds, nuts, and any "extras" together in a baking dish or pie tin.
2. Add maple syrup, olive oil, and spices and mix again with your hands.
3. Bake for 15-20 minutes at 375 degrees... until the nuts are toasted and slightly crunchy.
* For faster cooking, place the mixture in a skillet and roast over high heat.

Motherhood Tips and Treats

This is a new section I''ve added to my newsletter. I decided to add this section because as my life is evolving and changing I figured my newsletter and business needs to do the same.
In "Motherhood Tips and Treats" you''ll find my favorite foods, products and health tips for women who are both pregnant and those who are new moms! Enjoy!

Note: Everything I recommend in this section I have tried myself and do not get and compensation for mentioning the products I talk about.

"Earth Mama, Angel Baby Products"

Earth Mama, Angel Baby is a skin care line that has everything from stretch mark oil, to nipple cream, to body lotion, to diaper rash cream and beyond!!!! It is totally awesome, smells great, is 100% natural and non-toxic and is completely safe to use through the 9 months of your pregnancy and then on your baby!

You can find product details on amazon.com
or at Cradle in Northampton (on the 3rd Floor of Thornes Market).