Manual Transmission Shifting Techniques , Where Can I Buy A New Transmission Pan For A Dodge Caravan

Manual Transmission Shifting Techniques , Where Can I Buy A New Transmission Pan For A Dodge Caravan

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Common Transmission Problems

If your car has a transmission problem, then you may think that you would have to shell out a lot of money for replacing the entire transmission or adding new parts. However, this is not the case always. Some transmission problems are small and do not cost an arm or leg. More...

Usually when it comes to transmission problems, all the DIY mechanics prefer to leave the task of repairing to professionals. This is because fixing a transmission problem is slightly complicated and it is best done by an expert. However, you can diagnose transmission problems yourself, so that you can rectify it at the earliest.

If the transmission fluid is running low, then it is quite possible that there is a leak. In order to check for a leak, look at the ground under the transmission. You will notice a stain on the ground. Leaks can occur from gasket fluid cooler, seals and lines. More...

Most people do not know how to drive a manual transmission car. However, this is the right car for first time drivers. If you do not know how to drive manual transmission, it is never too late to learn.

If you are a parent and want your teenager to learn how to drive, then get in touch with the school. Most schools in the US offer driving classes, which are simulated as well as on-the-road driving. There are also private driving schools that teach teenagers and adults on how to drive a manual transmission vehicle. More...

A transmission cooler''s main job is to circulate oil that is warm in order to stabilize the transmission''s temperature. This cooler is located in front of the engine''s coolant radiator and is situated in the direct path of the cool air that comes in. If you want to install a transmission cooler, you can do it yourself. However, be prepared to spend an hour doing the installation. More...

There could be times when you notice that there is a slight delay for the car to shift from one gear to the next. At times, the car changes to the next gear on its own, or it may not change the gear at all. If you notice a transmission slip, you should immediately get the problem rectified or it could lead to an accident.

You may be wondering what happens when the transmission slips. If so, then read on to find out. More...

Majority of people prefer to ride automatic transmission cars rather than manual transmission vehicles. This is primarily because these cars are easy to drive and also such transmissions rarely cause any trouble. However, if the automatic transmission does cause trouble, it can be a real problem for the driver. In such a case, the driver would be forced to take the vehicle to a garage to be repaired by a mechanic and he or she would be saddled with an expensive repair bill. More...

If you have a problem with your car''s transmission, then you will obviously want to know what the average cost of repairing it would be. Generally, the cost is high, but if you know what are the various transmission parts and how they work, you can bargain and get a reduction. More..