Weight Loss Program-Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss Program-Lose Weight Fast

So you want to lose weight fast. In

that case, do what the high school wrestlers do to meet

their weight limits. Put on a plastic suit, run around like a

chicken-with-its-head-cut-off until you lose 10 pounds of

sweat. That’s right - it is easy to lose weight fast by

reducing the water in your body. Since roughly 60% of our

bodies is made of water, this is a no-brainer.

But is that what you REALLY

want to lose? How about that layer of fat around your belly?

How about the part that sags from your arms? So when you say

fast… what you really mean is that you want to LOSE THE FAT!

So be careful what you wish for because it may NOT be

Now we clarified what we want

to do. Lose THAT ugly fat. We hate it. It makes us feel

horrible. It makes us depressed. And guess what? We spend most

of our time worrying about what we can’t control and not a

whole lot of time worrying about what we CAN

about external stuff like the weather, how the boss feels about

you, and geez - I’m sure some people worry about sunspots. We

can laugh about it but most of our stress is caused by worrying

about the things we can’t control. So think about that next

So we are stressed out and

still are fat. Guess what? How about trying to do something

about that? It is doable and is definitely something we CAN

control! Eureka! But we are forced fed by a marketing bliz from

an oversaturated market of weight loss products. It confuses us

and makes us literally want to shrink in a shell.

Some of those who are braver

then the rest of us actually buys some of these things such as

diet pills. I don’t want to get on the soapbox here but STAY

AWAY from those weight loss pills! Sure, you may lose lots of

weight but you may end up at the hospital. Or at the very

least, you could cause long term DAMAGE to your body. I don’t

know how this can be a good thing -- so believe me now or

The best way to go about

losing fat is to follow a good diet and exercise program. It

CAN be simple but it WON’T be easy. What do I mean by that? Eat

six times a day; plan what you are going to eat and what times

you will eat. Come up with an exercise program that your body

will respond to. This is making your head spin right? NOT EASY,

this WILL pay off. Gradually, you will gain muscles and burn

fat to the tune of 2-3 pounds a week. So if you are 50 pounds

overweight… it is entirely possible to reach your goals in 25

weeks or 6 months. I mean, what is your hurry here? Do it

Gaining muscles is the BEST way to lose fat. Why? Muscles burn

fat and calories while you are sleeping or even watching TV. In

fact, this bears repeating -- Muscles is the fat burning secret

of body builders and fitness models.

worrying about things that you can’t control. Worry about what

you CAN do. If you hate your body because it is fat, well there

you go. Do something about it. Learn how to eat to feed those

muscles. Learn how to exercise to grow those

You can go to the library or

bookstore and find out more or you can look at the two

excellent books listed below. But you don’t have to work out

long hours or eat rabbit food to lose fat. That is a myth and quite

to out Tom Venuto’s e-Book on proper fat burning diet. He

is a competitive natural body builder and wrote a very simple

but comprehensive book how to eat to feed the muscles.

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle was

written for anyone who wants to lose fat as well as

Also, be sure to click here

to check out Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training for

excellent ways to exercise and sculpt your body. You won''t

believe how you look in a few months. Your family, friends

and co-workers are gonna be so envious...

should be doing. So start working on your new body

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