Weight Loss Tools Lose Weight Now for Summer Fun!

Weight Loss Tools Lose Weight Now for Summer Fun!

The days are getting longer and the sun is shining. Now is the time to lose those few pounds you''ve accumulated over the winter, while you were drinking cocoa by the fire and having that extra Christmas cookie.

You''ve heard it before-there are no quick fixes, slow but steady weight loss is best because the pounds stay off. This is still good advice but if you start in April and lose one or two pounds a week, by June you can be 10 pounds lighter at least.

Start by setting your ideal weight and focusing on that weight instead of "being on a diet." People who focus on losing weight and "being on a diet" are always going to be on a diet and striving to lose weight. Focus instead on the weight you want to be, form a picture in your mind of you at that weight and spend time each day thinking about going to the beach with your new, slimmer body.

  • Choose the perfect weight for you-be realistic. You want to be healthy and comfortable, not a size zero.
  • Purchase a swimsuit or outfit in the size you want to be. Don''t skimp on the price if you can afford it. Hang it where you can see it several times a day.
  • If you have a photo of yourself at your slimmer weight, post it where you can see it.
  • Put a piece of tape over your scale read-out with what you have decided is your perfect weight. Weigh yourself every day or so but only look at the ideal weight you''ve printed there. See yourself at that weight.

Once you have your new outfit and photo, purchase an inexpensive spiral notebook. For one week write down everything you eat and add up the calories.

See where your problem areas lie-are you drinking a couple of sodas every day? Are you adding a couple of teaspoons of sugar to your coffee? How about the butter and sour cream on that baked potato? Do you dine out or eat fast food a lot?

Once you see where your calories are going, you may see painless ways to cut calories from your daily diet-sometimes even a few hundred. Each pound of fat is 3,500 calories so cutting 500 per day equals a loss of one pound per week.

You''ve heard this before too but you have to exercise! Start with a 10 minute walk a day if that''s all you have time for. As time goes along you will feel better and better. Picture yourself as a person who loves to exercise. Walk mindfully, enjoy the day and the scenery. Get a portable CD player or Ipod and record inspirational books on tape to listen to.

The most important part of losing weight for summer is learning some new health and nutritional habits that will keep the weight off for the whole year-not just for that summer swim suit.

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