it’s time for a social media detox…

it’s time for a social media detox…

I have a confession, I am an addict.

Not to alcohol, or cigarettes, or gambling, but to social media. Sure it’s not the worst addiction to have, but it certainly wastes my time!

I thought about an average “social media” day. When I wake I check all the updates on Facebook and Instagram that have been posted since I feel asleep the previous night, and continue checking as I eat breakfast and get ready for work. I look for updates while on the train to work. I check it again during my workday and have a good “proper” look over lunch. On the way home I’m back on it, again as I watch evening TV and finally I have one last look before going to bed. Add in two twitter accounts that I’m not so religious about checking, and I’m spending WAY too much time reading things that generally don’t interest me (or anyone else) in the slightest. I’m actually quite embarrassed reading this back, what am I doing!

So this weekend I’m detoxing. I’ve done it before and surprise surprise I survived! I’m removing the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone, and will only maintain this blog’s Instagram feed (which I am currently trying to build a following for), not my regular account.

It’s a long weekend in Melbourne, thank you Queen, so I’m going to commit to three whole days, plus Friday night. I’m planning to fill my downtime by reading (The Life of Pi), cooking and baking, and getting outdoors. I may work on my mood board; do some daydreaming about the future, and start teaching myself yoga. I’m also trialling an exciting, yet to be released online program for health and fitness, so I’ll spend a bit of time playing with that too!

My eyes, neck and thumbs will thank me and so will my brain and psyche. And who knows I might enjoy not knowing when a girl I never spoke to in high school takes her three children to the shops to buy them ralf lorren (yep, that’s right, not only a massive bragger but a terrible speller too). See, not so great for the headspace.

And maybe when I return after the weekend feeling refreshed, calm and balanced, I can start a healthier less needy relationship with social media.

Are you addicted? Feel like you need a detox? Why don’t you join me?

M x