An Affordable Health Insurance Coverage Option for Self-Employed and Independent Contractors: Group Health Insurance Plan

An Affordable Health Insurance Coverage Option for Self-Employed and Independent Contractors: Group Health Insurance Plan

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(PRWEB) March 4, 2008 -- Kathy Hope, a Licensed Health Insurance Plans Broker with Insurance Advisors, offers the following tips for self employed and sole proprietors considering purchasing a group health Insurance plan:

(1) Self employed and sole proprietors can form their own group heath insurance plan (

A company group health insurance plan must meet the requirement of having a minimum of two members ... which can be full-time owners, officers, partners and/or W2 payroll employees. Many times this requirement for a second member is met in enrolling a marriage partner or "significant other" partner with that status under the plan. Concerns about pre-existing conditions for insurance are thereby minimized, since you have a guaranteed issue of coverage when you become part of a group, no matter what pre-existing conditions exist.

"When you are self-employed or an independent contractor you have two options for health coverage," said Kathy Hope. "You can opt for an individual health plan (, or you can join a group health plan, even though you are technically self-employed. Requirements differ from state to state. Group health insurance can be secured through independent insurance brokers like her, or in checking with your local chamber of commerce or through your local trade associations," adds Kathy.

There are additional concerns to keep in mind in selecting health insurance. It''s important to figure out how much of the premium you can afford to pay. Health insurance coverage for self-employed business people needs to cover you in the event of a catastrophic medical event. You want enough coverage to protect your assets - that includes your house and your business. And you want to provide for your family in the event you can''t work. It is important to have all this information before you apply for a quote, because these add-ons will ultimately increase the cost.

The self-employed, independent contractors and small businesses represent 95 percent of businesses, and more than 70 percent of the American work force. States with a large entrepreneurial workforce like California are taking notice of choices being offered them. In California group health insurance plans are becoming an important part of the state''s economy.

As technology keeps evolving, the self-employed and independent contractors have also become the perfect online health insurance customer. Web sites like hers are offering self-employed health insurance quotes online ( Business owners are taking advantage of their savvy use of the Internet to see what these online insurance companies'' web sites have to offer.

About Insurance Advisors -

If you are interested in getting a quote on group health insurance coverage, or help in finding affordable self-employed health insurance, call Kathy Hope at 800-792-9114 or go to Insurance Advisors ( Insurance Advisors is a California based health insurance brokerage representing all major insurance carriers. Kathy Hope has over 15 years experience customizing group health insurance and individual coverage to fit the individual needs of small businesses, the self-employed and independent contractors.


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