Baby Conceiving Tips Sex Positions For Getting Pregnant

Baby Conceiving Tips  Sex Positions For Getting Pregnant

Having frequent sex seems like the most obvious approach to having a baby. Conceiving does not involve more than this if you have a clean bill of reproductive health, but there are times when you might need to use certain sex positions to get pregnant faster. in order to conceive right away, sex has to be timed perfectly to coincide with your most fertile period. Additionally, the sperm needs to be deposited as close to the cervix as possible so that they don’t travel a very long journey to the egg. while Western medicine has not found a relationship between the sex positions you use and your chances of conceiving, it won’t hurt to give gravity an edge, would it? Here are some of the best sex positions for baby-making intercourse, whether you want a boy or a girl.

Missionary position: a traditional baby-making pose The missionary position or the man-on-top-position is not only pleasurable for both partners; the higher the woman raises her legs, the deeper the penetration and the closer the sperm gets to the cervix. after intercourse, let your hips rest on a small pillow to help the sperm swim up to the cervix. It’s important that the pillow be small; otherwise, the sperm might end up in a puddle at the back of your cervix, far from where the egg is. Stay lying down for at least five minutes.

Rear entry for optimal sperm and egg rendezvous chances The rear entry position also allows deep penetration, especially if you have an inverted uterus. there are many variations of the rear entry position, with the most popular being the “doggy-style”. in this position, the woman goes on her hands and knees while her partner enters from behind. The position where the woman lies flat on her belly is also great for conceiving, especially if the hips are supported with a small pillow.

Lying side by side for conception sex comfort The “spooning” position where both partners lie side by side is also a good position for conceiving. It’s a very relaxing position that doesn’t put too much strain on either partner, and it’s great for partners who suffer from back pain or are overweight.

Sex positions to avoid when trying to conceive Fertility experts suggest avoiding sex positions where gravity might work against you, such as the woman on top position or any standing position. These positions might make it harder for the sperm to reach the egg. if you really must use the woman on top position, spend some time lying on your back after intercourse to give the sperm an edge.

Sex positions for conception of a boy or a girl Did you know that the sex position you use can also increase your chances of having a boy or girl? Sperm carry the genetic code for our sex organs; the male sperm are fast-moving but die quickly, while the female sperm are slow-moving but live longer. if you want to conceive a baby girl, schedule intercourse three days before ovulation and use positions that have shallower penetration, like the spooning position. This will let the male sperm die out so the female sperm can reach the egg. if you want to conceive a baby boy, have sex the same day you ovulate or the day after. This leaves the slow-moving female sperm behind and lets the male sperm win the race to the egg