Indigestion and heartburn during pregnancy

Indigestion and heartburn during pregnancy

is one of the most common pregnancy health issues. It can cause by a certain hormonal changes in the body of the woman, wherein as their womb grows it presses the stomach. Some of the tips to avoid indigestion and heartburn are the following:

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  • As much as possible try to eat smaller portions of foods during meals
  • When eating, sit properly so that the pressure on your stomach will reduce.
  • Avoid foods that can cause problem like spiced foods, fried and other foods that can cause problem, but make sure that you are still eating properly.
  • Sleep on a proper way, wherein your head is sustained up, make sure that there’s a lot of pillow.
  • Before you go to bed, try to consume a glass of milk or save one within your bed side in case you experience heartburn at night.
  • Avoid eating too much before you sleep.
  • Consult your ob-gyn specialist for advice
  • Avoid taking antacid, make sure that your doctor advice you to take it.

Upon your pregnancy be sure to consult your doctor regarding the common health problems during pregnancy, so that you can prepare yourself and take precautionary measures to avoid indigestion and heartburn.

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