Running and Nutrition » Running through Lactic Acid

Running and Nutrition » Running through Lactic Acid

Fitness Through Running with Proper Nutrition

Lactic acid is produced when we run a workout and burn glycogen without oxygen. The harder and more intense the run is, the more lactic acid we create. When the lactic acid enters the blood, it breaks down into both lactate and hydrogen ions. Running feels more difficult as the rate of hydrogen ions increases. This makes it hard for the muscles to contract and contributes to that burning feeling after a good workout.

With enough training, we can stave off the hydrogen ions and delay the onset of the burning sensation. The goal is to run workouts that take you beyond your lactate threshold – easier said than done. But that’s the key to running faster with better endurance.

One way to push past your threshold is to do interval sessions on the track. For example, run four 400-meter repeats with short recovery periods. The recovery period in between could be only 200 meters. Each successive 400 will be more difficult than the last, but that’s all part of this good workout. Add this routine at least once a week to your regular workouts for better fitness as well as variety’s sake.

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