Top Three Cosmetic Procedures For Men Health Advices

Top Three Cosmetic Procedures For Men  Health Advices

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Top Three Cosmetic Procedures For Men

One very common misbelief is that cosmetic procedures are exclusively for women and very few men use them in order to improve the way they look. Nothing more false! As a matter of fact, statistics have revealed that approximately 40% of those who use cosmetic procedures (both invasive and non-invasive) are actually men.

Cosmetic surgery is a way to deal with image maintenance, and this is why these procedures are so popular nowadays among men who are not satisfied with their physical appearance. In this article you will find the top three cosmetic procedures for men, as well as several of the most commonly demanded facial treatments.

Before moving to the top three cosmetic procedures for men, it must be mentioned that these procedures can be invasive (surgeries) and non-invasive. Regarding the non-invasive cosmetic procedures, some of the most demanded include chemical peels, dermal fillers or Botox injections for wrinkles. Botox injections basically paralyze the underlying muscles in the face, which are known to cause wrinkles.

Chemical peels are very efficient for removing freckles and treating broken blood vessles. Besides, a chemical peel can remove fine lines and this procedure can make the face look smoother and younger. Regarding dermal fillers, they aim to correct nasolabial folds or marionette lines and they also help replacing soft-tissue loss.

Top Three Cosmetic Procedures For Men

Here you will find three of the most popular aesthetic procedures that make men look younger, fresher and help them regain their self confidence:

This is a relatively new procedure and it refers to removing hair folicles from hair bearing areas and moving them to the bald areas of the head. This is by far one of the most requested procedures, it is highly efficient and the results are long lasting. It must be mentioned that these particular transplants are carried out over several sessions. After the hair is transplanted, it will fall out within a couple of weeks, but it will grow again afterwards;

This procedure refers to gynaecomastia, which is treated with the help of liposuction. Putting it in a nutshell, the excess fat is removed from the chest area, as well as loose skin (if case). Approximately 10% of the adult men suffer from gynaecomastia, and it can be very bothersome and embarrassing. Besides, fast weight loss is one of the most common factors that can cause sagging skin around the chest area;

Also referred to as “Rhinoplasty”, nose reshaping is another popular cosmetic procedure for men. There are three main types of nose reshaping: full correction of the nose (complete rhinoplasty), correction of the nose plus alteration to the internal septum or correction of the nose tip along with nostril adjustement. Ther is also a non-surgical nose job if the potential patient is afraid of cosmetic procedures

To summarize, these are several of the most popular cosmetic procedures that men use in order to improve their appearance. Regardless if they are invasive (surgeries) or non-invasive (treatments and injections), these procesures can significantly improve one’s self-esteem and overall appearance. Besides, based on the type of cosmetic procedure and the clinic, they can have a very convenient price as well!

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