Anger is Counter-productive to Anti-Aging

Anger is Counter-productive to Anti-Aging

The deferring of anger is the best antidote to anger. ~ Seneca

Is it possible to release anger without making a sound? It is. By not to making an outward show of our emotion you are protecting your physical health. How? Your physical health is closely connected to your emotional health; they are inter-related and communicate with each other. On the other hand, stuffing our emotions is a prohibitive action. Instead, center yourself and let the positive energy heal you. Our bodies remember abuse, suffering, pain, etc. and it must be released. The muscles in the body tightens up like a fist (centered in the core) to protect itself and the tightness is centered in the pelvis area.

Many brain problems are related to a coccyx injury (tail bone). The pelvic area and the neck area are "married". If the pelvic and the facial tissue surrounding your organs are misaligned, then constant physical therapy, chiropractic, medical help are the order of the day. The body must be aligned properly for the energy to flow from the pelvis out of your head! That is the wonderful and incredible design of the human body.

This form of treatment is called myofascial release method and is a form of soft tissue therapy used to treat the muscular skeletal system, nervous system, or lymphatic system and resulting pain and restriction of motion. Mysofacial must be re-aligned prior to re-aligning the skeletal system. Once our bodies are re-aligned and functioning properly, healing can begin to take place.

Your are your own best Physician. Take control of your health and make healthy choices for yourself every single day. Manage your life and promote good healthy choices.

Remember: The best answer to answer to anger . . . is silence.