Body Rider Fan Bike

Body Rider Fan Bike

Amazon Price: $299.99 $99.99 You save: $200.00 (67%). (as of July 14, 2012 4:46 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

This exercise bike is a good value for the money. It is quite sturdy for an inexpensive bike, works well, and is easy to put together. I also like the handlebars, so my upper body can be getting a workout while I’m pedaling instead of just my legs. I got this bike because I needed to rehab my knee after having microfracture surgery. The only reason I can’t give this bike 5 stars is because of the hardness of the seat. Even though I purchased the Sunlite Gel Bicycle Seat Cover (which Amazon suggested in the Frequently Purchased Together section of the bike’s webpage) at the same time that I purchased the bike, it barely makes a difference. After 30 minutes of riding, I am literally forced to get off of the bike. I also put a thick towel on top of the Gel Seat Cover, and even with that extra measure, my butt and family jewels are rendered numb from the hardness of the seat. I probably should have done more research on seat covers instead of simply buying the one that Amazon suggested. If you buy this bike, instead of buying the Sunlite Gel Bicycle Seat Cover that Amazon suggests, do as much research on the seat covers as you do on the bike, and buy the cushiest one with the best customer reviews. I wish I would have done this originally, but I wanted to write this review so that others won’t make the same mistake.

In all honesty im 6 Feet Tall and its fine i don’t see any problem with it, i read the other review about “it’s for midgets” and that not true. I have it on the highest seat setting and my knees still don’t hit the bars or my chest lol. Its a great bike… i would only recommend getting the gel seat cover they recommend to get, i think its called “Cloud Nine” Other than that your good to go. I also read that it’s a bit loud and that it makes it difficult to hear the TV at the same time your using the Bike. Well i have mine right in front of the TV and yes the bike makes some noise….but nothing to stress over, all you have to do is raise the volume a little and it’s good,the bike isn’t that loud. Now lets get to assembling part,oh wait i forgot to tell you there barely is any assembling to do, i put it together in 30 minutes and the instructions were good to me. The only thing i found tricky was putting on the left pedal, it screws on the opposite way of the right pedal. The only thing to put together is the Arm Bars,the 2 end bottom pieces,seat,pedals,the bar that connects the pedals to the arm bars and the timer/speed/calories. Come on people that’s not a lot at all the base of the Bike is in one piece.Well it’s a great bike to me and i hope this help you to make a better informed decision, I you ask me BUY IT NOW!!!

I bought this bike after I found out that I have diabeties and the Dr wanted me to start exercising. I am heavy and was afraid it would not work for me but it was fine. Works really good. Love big seat for my big butt. Me and my special needs son put together and it went well. Light enough to move. Electronics arent great but the rest we like.

I love this bike!! It it is a great machine for the price. I was looking for something to add to my exercise routine that wouldn’t cost too much just in case I didn’t use it as much as in planned on using it…I use it everyday for at least 20-30 mins a session. The only hard part about this machine is assembling it…luckily my sister was around who can assemble anything. The bike however can be a little noisy but I keep it out in the back yard so I can enjoy an evening ride outdoors. If you are looking for a top quality machine I would not recommend this bike however I would recommend it for someone who is looking into getting into cycling and doesn’t want to spend too much money…I find I have a better work out if I start out just using my legs and not using the handle bars for a while, then switch to using both my legs and handle bars, then switch back to using just my legs…it brings the heart rate up and down and I really break a sweat. The seat can be a little uncomfortable but I just placed a folded towel on it and it feels much better. If I keep up with this bike I plan on purchasing some top quality equipment…for now this is exactly what I wanted.

I never ever leave a review for anything so I really must like this bike. It has such a small footprint and is pretty easy to put together. I was looking in craigslist for a used airdyne but wasn’t having much luck. I also thought that they were a little bulky so when I saw this bike I decided to take the plunge. Boy was it a good (lucky kind of?) decision.

I cap off my workout with 15 min on this bike and I’m sweating like a pig. Unless you are Andre the Giant this bike should be ok for average sized persons. I put on my hoodie and pump my arms and legs

I adjusted the tension so that I could work a little harder. This tires me out faster than the spin bike. I like training for speed and agility and this bike is what I wanted and at the perfect price. Are there better bikes out there? I don’t know but I’m not spending huge money on a Schwinn when I know for a fact that his bike provides the same type of tension during my workout. FREAKIN’ BEST PURCHASE I’VE MADE ON AMAZON.

At first glance, I loved the bike… and the price. Then I read some of the reviews and was concerned with the fact that some people thought it was “made for midgets”. I am 5’10″ so this was the only reason I started looking elsewhere. After reading reviews of several other bikes, I kept coming back to this one, and I am glad I did.

Some noted it took hours to put together… I am no dummy, but sometimes the common sense stuff eludes me. However, my husband and I put the bike together in 40 minutes while watching a movie together, so our full focus wasn’t on the bike. Went together easily – directions and pictures were easy to understand.

As for the midget thing… again I am 5’10″ and because of the reviews saying this bike wasn’t for tall people, my husband immediately put the seat on the highest setting. I could barely get on the bike and we ended up lowering the seat 2 holes to get the right fit. So, my assumption is that it would actually work for those taller than me.

The fan doesn’t really do a ton of cooling – but 1) it’s winter, so I don’t care to be cooled, 2) the fan isn’t REALLY for cooling – it’s for virtually unlimited resistance – if you need a fan to cool you, buy a cheaper bike without the fan and splurge on a tower fan (see # 3) and 3) if I find it difficult to sweat while exercising (oh, the humanity!), I will get a tower/stand fan to put next to me while I exercise. Tension is easy to adjust with both the strap and the knob. The calories burned/distance/time display is easy enough to read… I still have young-ish eyes, but I am not going to stare at the thing while riding anyhow. The seat – not the most comfortable, but I’ve sat on worse (cold, hard bleachers anyone???) and added the Mongoose gel seat to my order for more cushion.

All in all, very pleased with the bike!!!

Easy assembly, the digital display works great. The seat was pointing down a little and you would slide down it, so I put some flat washers on the front mounting bolt to lift it up and that helped.

I found this bike to be a great value for the dollar. I am using the Body Rider on those cold snow days that I cant get to the club or ride my bicycle.
The bike took me about an hour an a half to put together and I found the instructions to be very easy. I would recommend this bike to all that need a good workout in the comfort of their own home.

Not a long assembly process, so that’s good. I like the features of the electronic screen, telling me how many calories I’ve burnt and everything else…

Gotta say, my only negative feeling is regarding the comfort. You totally need to get used to this bike. The pedals are STRAIGHT down under the seat. This is just odd. Look (google image search if you’d like) at any other bike in the history of bikes. The pedals are down diagonally from the seat; making them roughly a few inches forward from the seat. This bike puts them literally right under you. Weird. And a little uncomfortable at first.

The seat is slanted forward too. Uncomfortable. I put a cushion on it so I wasn’t constantly readjusting back.

Other then that it’s nice so far, but it’s only been a day. We shall see.

**Added- Anyone else having the speed readout insanely high? If I just casually pedal, it’s reading over 20mph. Something’s wrong…
***Updated- Company replaced monitor right away (FAST), finding it was faulty. Happy with that!