Fast Food Is Convenient but Not Healthy

Fast Food Is Convenient but Not Healthy

Fast food was meant for convenience and not for health. It was designed to suit our fast paced life and is therefore easy to make, cheap and tastes good. Even with a fast growing awareness about the risks of fast food, most people still rely heavily on it for their daily diet and some are even addicted to it. This is fast becoming a regular for lunch or dinner in offices and at home.  It seems people pay more attention to their convenience, rather than the health.

The prime reason why the fast food prices are low and their volume high is the quality of the ingredients that go inside them and are compromised with. Many renowned fast food joints are known to embroil in some or the other lawsuits. For example, Taco Bell face law suit when it was found that the seasoned beef was made of seasonings, fillers and more oats, than meat. Chicken nuggets became infamous when it was found that they were made of the unwanted parts of chicken and these included blood vessels, ground bone, connective tissue and some meat. McDonalds too made headlines when there were questions raised about the content of the ice cream in their milkshakes.

Fast food is made attractive with the help of artificial flavorings and low quality ingredients so as to woo the customers. The newest controversy regarding the fast food is that majority of the ingredients are made of genetically modified corn and soy ingredients. Most of the fast food deep fried in trans-fat which is again not healthy at all. You may get the satisfaction that you are getting a high protein diet but it is low on nutrition and high in empty calories and loaded with saturated fat.

Just have a cheese burger, a vanilla shake along with French fries and you will end up consuming 1000 calories.The fast food risks are not just due to their ingredients, preservatives, artificial flavoring and the high calorie-low nutrition ratio, but also the size of the portions that come in huge size. Constant consumption of fast food can gradually erode on our health and lead to serious ailments. Processed food is known to be loaded with sugar and Omega-6 oils.

If you want to lead a healthy life, keep away from fast food and make healthier choices and include more plant-based whole foods in your diet. Buy colorful fruits and vegetables and whole grain food items next time you are in the supermarket and walk away from the counters of fast food.