Medicare Related Topics

Medicare Related Topics
  • Medicare 101 - Overview Skilled Facility Medicare Reimbursement

    A review of the Prospective Payment System in long-term care. Also a review of the development and impact of the Final Rule, Balance Budget Refinement Act and Beneficiary Improvement and Protection Act.
  • Length of Stay (LOS)

    Assessment of historical Medicare Part A admissions and discharges over designated period of time. Summary of calculated length of stay, discharge destination, and opportunities for improvement. Will also discuss strategies for census development and enhancement.
  • Documentation for Therapy in a Skilled Nursing Facility

    Overview of Medicare Eligibility and Entitlement, criteria leading into samples and examples of skilled documentation that is supporting and non-supporting criteria eligibility.
  • Resource Utilization Groups (RUGs – 53) The Complexities of the New RUG System.

    Detailed review of the “NEW” 53 Medicare Resource Utilization Groups including the specific level criteria in relation to the rate of reimbursement. We also discuss and make you aware of some of the complexities of the new RUG system. This will assist your facility with developing the needed communication strategies between nursing and therapy assuring proper RUGs classification and utilization.
  • Entitlement, Eligibility and Coverage Criteria in a Skilled Nursing Facility in the Medicare Program

    This program provides an extensive review and training on the rules and regulations allowing Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B coverage during a Skilled Nursing Facility Stay.
  • Enhancement Tips and Strategies in the Medicare Program

    This is an overview of the areas that significantly impact Medicare Reimbursement and the MDS. You will also receive strategies to prevent inaccurate MDS completion which will enhance overall facility revenue.
  • Therapy Denials Management

    Consultation/assistance with Medicare Audits and denials. We provide support and education with relation to therapy denials.
  • Additional Topics & Support

    New Dimensions can address many other topics related to the care and delivery of services within your health care facility. Please inquire into the other topics and services that we can assist your facility within these ever changing times.

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