Overcoming the urges of emotional eating

Overcoming the urges of emotional eating

Emotional eating is an eating disorder and the pattern consists of uncontrollable urges of eating. In the period of such emotional or “binge” the person consumes lot of food without any feeling of hunger.

Many times the food that is eaten consists of junk foods and they add to the long term effect in getting disorders like obesity. The immediate results are dullness or lethargy, chronic anger, anxiety, stress and weakened self esteem.

Emotional Eating

Technique of Controlling Emotional Eating:

By realizing the causes or situations that trigger the emotional eating we can devise methods to overcome emotional eating. The resolution of this disorder can be to effectively avoid the eating impulses when the usual triggering causes are presented. This is the first means of dealing with emotional eating.

There have been many recommended methods in controlling the impulse of overeating. They are based on identifying the nature of the situations causing the overeating binges.

The common overeating habit is formed and developed when we eat with others in group. We are either encouraged to eat more or we like to enjoy eating as long as our main occupation is the fun in the interaction. There are people who have developed eating habit when they are bored and feeling tension as a means of evading the stress they are undergoing due to inactivity or some problems they are unable to face or act. Many times the mere availability of good looking food triggers overeating even if we are not hungry. Such situations occur when you enter a restaurant and are attracted by the easy availability of desirable food for your taste buds.

Understand the triggering causes for urges:

To overcome emotional eating disorder, you must first identify the nature of triggers. Then half of your battle is won! On the situations when such triggers arise then you must keep ready for a technique to avoid going for a fridge for a bite. For example you may plan to call your friends or go for a walk if the time is suitable or engage in an activity you most love, like playing or listening to music.

With these techniques of identifying the causes and planning an alternate activity you cherish will make you to conquer the habit of emotional eating.

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