Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms Health Advices

Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms  Health Advices

Posted by Prabha on Apr 1, 2012 in Cancer 0 comments

What are the symptoms seen in pancreatic cancer –and is there any known symptom to detect the disease in early stages?

It is quite impossible to identify the disease in early stages as most of the symptom is seen only after the cancer is fully grown or in advanced stage. Though the symptoms are identified in earlier stages, they are extremely unclear and nonspecific to detect or to identify the pancreatic cancer. The symptoms also vary in persons based on the cancer location within the pancreas. Here, are some pancreatic cancer symptoms that are most commonly seen.

• Yellowing of Eyes and Skin: In people with pancreatic cancer, a very common symptom that is seen is yellowing of eyes and skin called jaundice. The patient suffers from Jaundice when the amount of bilirubin level’s increases in blood. This may occur in the condition where a tumor is to be the bile ducts of the liver partially or completely thereby slowing the bile flows.

• Nausea or Vomiting: A vomiting sensation is another unclear pancreatic cancer symptom, which makes a delay in diagnosing the pancreatic cancer, as vomiting is a common symptom in many other diseases also.

• Abdominal Pain: Another common symptom seen in people with pancreatic cancer is abdominal pain. It is usually seen in the upper abdomen. The pain in the Abdomen may get worse when you lie down or after 3 to four hours of eating.

• Loss of Appetite: Appetite loss is also a common symptom in few of the diseases as well in the pancreatic cancer. When symptoms are unclear to diagnose the disease then it is recommended to perform a medical test to determine the disease.

• Unintended Weight loss: Losing weight in short time shows indicates some problem in your body. An abdominal pain weight loss is the 1st noticeable symptom of Pancreatic Cancer.

• Itchy Skin: This is a rare and unclear symptom seen in pancreatic cancer this symptom when these symptoms combines with some other symptom like jaundice or abdominal pain then it is easy to diagnose pancreatic cancer.

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