Post Pregnancy Stomach

Post Pregnancy Stomach

Well, the big day has come and gone and you are now a true-blue mother. You''ve delivered a healthy baby, your weight is within manageable limits, and you''ve just taken a good post partum look in the mirror. Uh oh. Look at that. You are the recipient of what is known in the trade as a post pregnancy stomach. If you feel like throwing a rock at the mirror, don''t worry; you are not alone. There are thousands of women out there who feel the very same way in having to deal with this problem.

Your girlish figure is a thing of the past, and here you are with this paunch staring back at you like a bad dream. What about all those slim, hip hugging clothes that are languishing in the closet? Are they history as well? Well, unless you get on the stick, they could be. The only thing that will get rid of that stomach, is diet and exercise. And time, plenty of it.

Most women when faced with a post pregnancy stomach, start out as soon as the pregnancy effects are gone and get with a sensible weight loss plan and plenty of exercise. The skin and some muscles are stretched out from the months of carrying around all that growing weight inside, and just need to be strengthened and made more supple by applying the right exercises to bring back the tone. And this doesn''t happen overnight... it does take time and perserverance to get your abdomen back in the shape it was in before the pregnancy.

And this is not being shallow or uncaring when I say that. A woman''s self esteem is based greatly on how she looks and more importantly, how the world views her. It usually does not involve losing great amounts of weight to get back to an acceptable look and body figure, just get yourself back to a healthy fit look where you feel comfortable about your appearance.

Then you can continue working on fine tuning the muscles in your abdomen so that the paunch will disappear with time. And this does not apply to all women either. Some women are comfortable with their post pregnancy stomach and don''t want to expend the energy or the time trying to regain their girlish figure. Some women never had a girlish figure to start with, so they have no beauty reference point and don''t care what they look like or what the world thinks of them.

If that''s the case for you, then so be it. Be proud of yourself and concern yourself only with how you feel about yourself, not anyone else; because in the long run, it doesn''t really matter when you think about it.

Most of us today would prefer to get back to where we were when we first became pregnant; and that is fine as long as it is what you really want for yourself and not what you think others expect from you. Make up your mind whether you want to do get rid of that post pregnancy stomach, or if you are happy with your body just the way you are, paunch and all. Do you have a burning desire to get back into those hip huggers calling your name from the closet, or do you not care if you ever see hip huggers again. It''s as simple as that.