September » 2010 » Union Health

September »  2010 »  Union Health

Know about the Health issues facing by mankind

My Blog will help you greatly by providing valuable information in the field of medical science. This Blog will also render quality information on health tips, medical advancement and knowledge on disease.

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Researchers from London, Paris, Munich and Oxford have identified genes that predispose children and adults to develop asthma. Some of these genes suggest immune system has been damaged when the lining of the airways and other could control the healing of injured airway, scientists say. Dr. Erika von Mutes, co-author and assistant professor of pediatrics [...]

Canada reduces the incidence of breast cancer with the use of therapies fall hormaonales

Researchers from the Canadian Cancer Society noted a reduction in cancer rates among postmenopausal women in Canada by the reduced use of hormone therapy. The researchers analyzed national data and found that “the reduction of about 10% in rates of invasive breast cancer coincided with the declining use of hormone therapy on reporting among Canadian [...]

Beautiful hair at home, really it is?

Well, who does not want to make hair beautiful, and even at home, and constantly wonder this question: “How to make hair beautiful?”Well, let’s all in good time. To get started, ask a question for. Do you believe commercials, which use only one shampoo (well, maybe even balm) can be elegant, lush hair, bright and [...]

Myth number 1. Milk teeth 4-5 years to clean up are optional. And here is the other way around! Hover over them with a purity of 2.5-3 years old – at this age grow up all the required teeth. The tighter they are, the greater the likelihood of caries. Myth number 2. Brush teeth to [...]

To live happily, you need confidence, Faith in the forces, a mission similar to the fuel, which is charged with the car. Prosperity and happiness is not achieved without effort. You must believe in themselves and their happiness. Disbelief and doubt – is a grave sin (mistake) in all world religions. Terms of its destructive [...]

Remedy for dandruff and hair growth

The roots of burdock put in a pot with water, put on fire. Boil until then, until the water boils away a bit. The broth is to cool, drain. Poluchenny decoction daily carefully worked into the hair roots. Dandruff will disappear and the hair growth will increase.

Discovering genetic variants associated with aging

A team of British researchers, led by Professor Nilesh Samani, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences at the University of Leicester, conducted an analysis of more than 500,000 genetic variations in the human genome in 2917 participants and then tested their findings in another 9,492 participants. In the words of the study, published in the journal Nature [...]

A team of McMaster University has discovered a new pathway by which the HIV virus enters the female body. Researchers have found the virus itself manages to weaken epithelial cells (responsible for forming a barrier to prevent the entry of foreign organisms) and pass into the body. “This is the first time it is shown [...]

Nuts somehow cause pleasant associations with the festive New Year’s night. Perhaps due to the Christmas tale about a wooden monster Hoffmann Nutcracker, which it is all cracked-cracked nuts, and then turned into a handsome prince from the country of marzipan locks groves lemonade fountains, pools, whipped cream, so sweet and sweetly fragrant. By calories [...]

Health tourism a reality for everyone

The well-worn as health tourism is already available to almost all budgets, is that hotel chains are in this host a seasonally adjusted form of the season and extend its occupancy rates at times when tourism is not so abundant. Moreover, the work of skilled professionals and the effects achieved are such that word of mouth runs [...]

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