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The Fitness Channel
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What is The Fitness Channel?

The Fitness Channel uses the latest internet technologies to access a library of film footage of the natural world. Each film is complimented by relaxing classical or instrumental music. There is no language content and there are no advertising breaks making it usable anywhere in the world. Each film lasts between two and ten minutes and provides a calming background to your entrance and waiting areas. This channel came into existence because gyms, health clubs and health related organisation approached The Landscape Channel for films to keep their customers attention whilst exercising or recovering from exercise routines. A new breed of health club has developed using video to enhance the fitness experience and it is these progressive health establishments who are using as a local aid to exercise and recovery. More information can be found HERE.

The Fitness Channel is connected to the flat screen monitors that can be found now in most high street computer stores. This makes the cost of equipment much cheaper than conventional television and installation does not require any specialist knowledge. Once delivered to your premises via broadband, you can use the channel in your reception area or send it directly to P.C. monitors anywhere within your business 24hrs a day. The high quality images and sound are distributed over the internet using the ''always on'' facilities of broadband. The resulting full screen, full resolution television picture is of a quality that you are unlikely to have experienced on a P.C. before.

Coming soon will be the option to scroll messages and information across the bottom of the screen. The messaging possibilities are endless. The business will be able to inform your customers, advertise services, relay news(local and national) and even operate as its own profit center should you want to sell adverts to your clients! You do not need to use the music if you prefer just to use the pictures and you can insert your own clips provided they are in the right format.

The programming used by The Fitness Channel is commissioned by the Landscape Channel and has been developed as an aid to relaxation. The films that The Fitness Channel features capture the beauty of the natural world. This is combined with classical and instrumental music to create a viewing experience perfect for calming your patients. However you can also put your own films into the programming to play out on a regular basis using The Fitness Channel as the background to any clips that you might want to include. The format is very flexible and we can accomodate most local needs.

Due to the lengths of the clips being an average 3 to five minutes long clients have found that the visual images work well in gyms and healthclubs to fit routine lengths. Customers can enjoy their workout as each item appears and then move to the next section with our without music. The Fitness Channel integrates onto monitors in many areas of your business that we are sure you will find invaluable to the smooth running of your business and enhance the fitness experience. The Fitness Channel creates an ambience which clients like and relate to.

You can get a free trial to see the type of service and how The Fitness Channel works by clicking the free trail banner to install a free 30 day no obligation trial. You need Windows 2000 or Windows XP and broadband connection.