Affiliate Thank You - Healthier Living

Affiliate Thank You - Healthier Living

Welcome to Healthier Living!

You will be receiving your instructions for getting the money-making links, pre-written emails, ads and promotions to all of our programs in your email inbox. If you are not clear on how to do something once you receive your information, just write to for detailed instructions.

As the newest member of our community of health-minded people, you are not just our honored patron, you are also the life-giving messenger that carries our invitation to the wider world. You can truly begin to heal the world, one person at a time, by encouraging everyone you meet to make the body-mind-spirit connection to improve their physical, emotional and financial health and keep themselves healthy.

It''s an exciting time in history to be among the teachers and healers of the world. So much progress is being made as science, philosophy, religion and medicine find that healing happens on many levels, each contributing to the whole person. I invite you to imagine now that you are speaking to someone you have helped to regain their health by introducing them to our programs. I believe that there is no better feeling in the world than this and I hope you can feel that now yourself.

As you carry the invitation of our community for stress-free financial health, natural healthy weight loss, overall stress reduction, better sleep and other vital programs, you will also be insuring your own spiritual health. We believe in being generous and that what we give is returned to us ten-fold, so we look forward to reports of your increasing health, wealth and happiness. We encourage you to visit our
blog frequently to stay in the latest conversation as we progress together toward healthier living for everyone.

Sincerely, welcome,