Banish Boredom With Eggs

Banish Boredom With Eggs
Banish Boredom With Eggs

If you’re on a fat loss diet, one thing that you need to be highly focused on doing is making sure that you are getting enough protein throughout your day.

Dieters need even more protein than regular individuals since protein is what will help to protect against lean muscle mass as you start losing weight and in addition to that, protein is the best food to eat to calm hunger pains.

That said, the regular consumption of chicken breasts, fish, and egg white omelettes can get to be a bit much at times. If you’re bored with your diet, consider living things up with some creative egg recipes.

Eggs are a very versatile protein source and can provide high quality nutrition regardless of what your diet happens to be.

Let’s give you some creative ideas on how you can prepare this protein source so that you can start looking more forward to getting that protein in.

Egg And Spinach Omelette With Mozzarella Cheese

First, let’s look at that omelette that so many people get bored with. How are you preparing it? Most chop up some onion, pepper, and mushrooms, stir-fry those and then add their eggs or egg whites in. Topping it with salsa, this dish makes their morning meal.

Try something new. Instead of using the usual standby vegetables, add some spinach leaves to the pan as you cook your omelette and when it’s almost done cooking, sprinkle on top some reduced fat mozzarella cheese.

This will definitely give your taste buds something fresh in the morning.

Hard Boiled Egg Whites

Another great way to serve eggs is by hard boiling them. Whether you want to eat the yolks or not (remember the yolk is the more calorie dense portion of the egg, but does contain a wealth of nutrients), these can work great eaten on their own as a quick snack or sliced and placed in with a salad.

Rather than topping your salad with grilled chicken, try the hard boiled eggs for a change of pace.

Poached Eggs On Ezekiel Bread

Another way to serve up eggs is to poach them in some water, which is an ultra-lean cooking method since nothing is added!

Once the eggs are finished, serve them on top of some Ezekiel bread, which is the healthiest variety of bread that you can purchase.

Protein Crepe

Finally, if you want something very high in protein and low in calories, consider preparing an egg white crepe.

This is done by mixing together a scoop of protein powder along with two egg whites and then cooking in a non-stick skillet just like you would any traditional pancake.

Once it’s finished, smear some natural nut butter over top and add a sliced banana or strawberries. Roll up and you have a great tasting dessert-like snack that’s loaded with protein and nutrients.

So there you have some great recipe ideas to liven up eggs so that they can get back into your diet as one of your main sources of protein.