Harmony Integration and Coping with Drepression

Harmony Integration and Coping with Drepression

I was tentative on posting about this one but as it’s helped me tremendously I shouldn’t hold back in case this is exactly what you needed.

Let me explain what it did for me and then you can get all judgmental. I suffer from what used to be called Benign Tremor Syndrome, now called Essential Tremor. Basically I have a bit of a vibration or shake, a palsy. There is no known cause or cure. Through Harmony Integration I actually stopped shaking.

Why this is so interesting

Harmony Integration is essentially a mental process where you dive deeper and deeper into your sub-conscious. It’s a mental process, and it stopped a scientifically classified physiological disorder. It’s like seeing a psychiatrist on steroids. What takes shrinks years to get to, you do in one session. The idea is the same for both of them and it’s related to Dr. Norman Doidge’s work in my other post. The process a psychotherapist takes you through is taking your back through your thoughts and emotions to a time that caused some sort of trauma or ill. By uncovering these implicit thoughts and turning them into explicit memories, you can literally release problems and phobias associated with the initial trauma.

HI is based on the work of Zivorad Slavinski called Spiritual Technology, and I’ve read 3 of his books. They principals of ST are rooted in the Taoist theory of duality…you best know this as yin/yang. Essentially, all human thoughts are polarized. good/bad, black/white, day/night, rich/poor, etc. We’re really good at polarizing things. Problems arise when we try to classify things by placing one thing in the “bad” category and another in the “good.” As westerners we always strive to live in the “good.’ Taoism teaches that you can never escape the “bad” because it is just another part of “good.” When you truly understand the they are both sides of the same coin and accept that, the polarity vanishes and you are left feeling whole.

What HI does is allow you to neutralize polarities in your life so that there are no negative or positive emotions. This is the idea of Nirvana, or Nothingness. Nothingness isn’t a bad thing, it’s just…nothing. You’re left with a feeling of relief. This is the most critical point, you FEEL relief. Through a series of thoughts you learn to neutralize negative emotions. On a neurological level HI is so new it’s hard to say what’s happening. My guess is that whatever neurotransmitters are released when a painful memory is brought up get wiped out, literally, erased from your brain and then rewritten to a new set that doesn’t fire the same neurotransmitters anymore. I’m excited to see where research goes on this because HI can have some amazing effects.

We took the coaching training but only to help ourselves. That being said, if you suffer from anxiety, depression, worry, or PTSD please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll speak privately on getting you help. Depression is growing at an alarming rate and there are solutions.