Health and Beauty Items That Have Bad Effect

Health and Beauty Items That Have Bad Effect
Health and Beauty Items That Have Bad Effect 600x300 Health and Beauty Items That Have Bad Effect

Health and beauty items – If you try to avoid anything that is loaded with bacteria, we have bad news for you. This is part of your beauty routine is completely free of germs. Obviously, you cannot avoid anything and everything in your medicine cabinet, but read on to find out what you really need to know health and beauty items that have bad effect and you become wise in your everyday life.

Health and Beauty Items That Have Bad Effect2 Health and Beauty Items That Have Bad Effect


Loofahs can create microtears in your skin to leave you vulnerable to germs that cause common diseases, such as folliculitis (red bumps and blisters in hair follicles) and herpes.


You might be from the total if you stay close to the toilet. They fur harbor bacteria in the mouth, and the air, and anything that moves around. If you bleed from the thread, there may be blood in there, too. Make sure you brush your teeth dry completely between uses to reduce the amount of bacteria that live on it.


If you add a lipstick after eating a meal, food waste can seep into the lipstick itself, and finally switched to the bacteria, health experts said David Dragoo, MD easy fix? Wait re-apply.

Makeup samples

Nearly 20 percent of the sample in the beauty makeup also contains bacteria, said Dragoo. Because many stores have a good return policy now, the best is to take a sample of the color you are interested in home and restore all of what is not working for you.

Brush and comb

When was the last time you clean the hair and give that a good cleaning brush? Your hair is dirty, oil and products that you use to collect all the time.

Scissors, nail file, and buffers

Think of all the places your hand. In the salon, the tool is cleaned between uses.

Makeup brushes

It is a similar situation to brush your teeth if you keep them in the bathroom. When you flush the toilet, the bacteria can enter the air and with a brush you sitting nearby, they became the landing site. But no matter where you store your brushes need to be cleaned regularly because they are accustomed to the product on your face and apply, and may harbor bacteria in fur. That’s about Health and beauty items.