Healthy Kids » snack time

Healthy Kids » snack time

Healthy Kids » snack time

A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor''s bookWed, 29 Jun 2011 10:56:26 +0000 Your Kid’s Bad Eating Habits, 02 May 2010 12:28:19 +0000aritra eating habit is very common in most households. Children of all age groups cause a lot of hullabaloo over food. Refusing to eat healthy food or simply informing you that they are not hungry are a few symptoms that tell you, your kid is following a bad eating habit. The question then asked is, how can you break your kid’s bad eating habit? Here are 6 tips to help you sort out the problem:

The first thing to consider is that whether your kid is eating too much junk food or not. If he is, then you have a couple of ways to break that. First, avoid buying junk food while shopping, or second, buy in small quantities. By doing this you make sure that your child does not eat junk food all day, or it is not at all available to him.

Various Types of Junk Food Galore In The Market

Non-stop munching on food and snacks erases the need for some real food. To break this habit, make a time table for snack time. You may choose to serve your kid with snacks twice or thrice a day depending on his appetite. If your kid wants some untimely snacks, then simply point out to him the time table, and inform him that having his snack at that hour would not get him his regular snack.

It is good for a child to drink juice; however, too much may kill his appetite for his next meal. The one way to get your kid out of this habit would be to serve the juice in a regular sized cup. This gives him the feel of an extra serving, and you can keep a tab on his juice intake. Also, encourage your child to substitute water with juice.

So Many Fizzy Drinks Can Be had

Children have a certain fondness for sweet items. However, it can be harmful for them if taken in large quantities. You may limit your child’s intake of sugar by treating him/her to a couple of pieces of cookies in a day. Don’t leave sugary items in the open where your child can reach them or see them. Also, while serving dessert, don’t always bring out the ice cream or other such items. Try to exchange it with a fruit salad or plain and simple fruits.

Carbohydrates are great for the body; however, they are also easily digestible. Overeating of carbs may cause your child to be deprived of other food items. It is necessary for you to bring to the table a variety of nutrition rich food for the child to choose from a wider food group.

O God Its Vegetables On The Plate

Vegetables, although disliked by most, are important. Make the vegetables appealing to your children by cooking them in light butter, or may be by following a recipe. Whatever you do, do not force the child to gobble up everything on his plate. Set an example by eating your own vegetables, and one day you will find your child asking for them as well.

The solutions to breaking bad eating habits are simple, but, patience is the key to the desired solution. So, be patient and in return your kids will be profitable.