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Since 1995, Leading Edge Group clients have included major public and private healthcare authorities, medical diagnostic organizations, blood transfusion service organizations, and acute/non-acute hospitals. In 2004, Leading Edge Group established this Lean Healthcare division in response to the need expressed by global healthcare organizations to empower their management and staff in Lean Healthcare best practice through consulting, education, and training.

Since the concepts of Lean and Leadership are universally applicable to all levels within an organization, our approach can be used by the entire organization to complete both a top down and bottom up transformation for breakthrough results from a clinical, operational, and organizational perspective.

Our healthcare clients include the following:

National Health Service (NHS) South Central, Great Britain

Etablissement Français du Sang, France

Sydney West Area Health Service, Australia

University of Colorado Hospital, Denver, USA

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, USA

Rutland Regional Medical Center, Vermont, USA

Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System, USA

The Leading Edge Group has established a very strong presence in Canada, specifically in British Columbia. Some of our Canadian healthcare clients include:

Northern Health Authority (NHA): Our Senior Lean facilitator - Don Clark - has been appointed Lean Coordinator for the first phase of a NHA Lean transformation program with participation from 7 hospitals and the Authority’s head office. Participants in the various programs represent infection control, laboratory functions, public health, and diagnostic imaging.

Interior Health: This organization is currently putting key participants from the Okanagan region through the program. Participants are cross-functional from areas including food services, quality improvement, pharmacy, HR, and housekeeping services.

Capital Health: This organization is currently putting key participants from Edmonton and Fort Saskatchewan through the program. Participants are cross-functional from areas including patient food service, nutrition service, and primary care.

Vancouver Coastal Health: This organization is currently putting 15 participants from its Workflow Improvement team through the program. Participants are representative of 2 hospitals and 7 community centers.

David Thompson Health Region (DTHR) - Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre: The senior regional manager of Site Operations for the Nutrition and Food Services department undertook the Lean Healthcare Green Belt program in 2008.

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