ScholarPoint Explains How to Repay Student Loans and Buy Health Insurance

ScholarPoint Explains How to Repay Student Loans and Buy Health Insurance

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La Jolla, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2007 -- ScholarPoint offers advice to new college grads -- student loan consolidation means lower monthly payments, leaving extra funds to purchase health insurance.

ScholarPoint realizes that it can be overwhelming. New college grads are tasked with finding a job, paying back student loans, finding transportation and a place to live. Many of them don''t even think about health insurance coverage; almost two out of every five recent college grads are without health insurance during some part of the first year after graduation; in 2005 13.3 million lacked coverage, up from 12.9 million in 2004. ScholarPoint works with grads to help them consolidate their student loans in order to reduce the amount of the monthly payment and make ends meet.

Young adults ages 19-29 often believe they are invincible; after all, they are young and healthy so they don''t actually need health insurance. But going without health insurance is a big gamble that can jeopardize not just their health, but their financial future as well. A medical emergency, accident or serious illness could result in enormous bills and debt.

No one understands this better than Chris Studer and his colleagues at ScholarPoint. "We talk to people all the time who, after graduation, are struggling to repay their student loans and pay for other necessities such as health insurance. Worrying about making ends meet, when you have worked hard, played by the rules and graduated from college is very difficult," said Studer, President and CEO of ScholarPoint. "We counsel our customers to consolidate their student loans, which will make their payments smaller, enabling them to afford health insurance."

Student loan consolidation has other benefits as well: lower interest rate; reduction of debt to income ratio; improved FICO score and lower monthly payments.

ScholarPoint Financial, Inc. is a national online consumer lending company specializing in student loans and offering a full range of innovative education finance solutions. Loan options for students and their families include PLUS, Stafford, Consolidation and Private Loans. ScholarPoint combines industry-leading borrower benefits, best-in-class service and innovative technology. Unlike many other traditional loan sites, ScholarPoint''s technology platform was designed exclusively for its website, integrating the entire process for an online experience that is simple, instant, and complete.


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