Woody Biomass Utilization Database

Woody Biomass Utilization Database

The Woody Biomass Utilization Database is a project of the Western Governors'' Association designed to increase awareness of the use of biomass resources for economic development and environmental sustainability. Program objectives highlighted include biomass energy and heating activities, education programs, and projects and technologies involving biomass residue resulting from forest health treatments to reduce wildfire hazard risk.

Title: Nevada Biomass Workshops
State: Nevada
Program Description: Nevada Biomass Workshop

In June, 2006, Nevada held the Nevada Biomass Workshop supported by a grant from the Department of Energy (DOE) through the Western Governors’ Association (WGA). The workshop was held in Reno on June 27 and 28. The meeting was designed to bring local, state, tribal and federal leaders up to speed on biomass in Nevada. 117 people attended the conference. The attendees at the meeting were shown what the impact of biomass in the state could have on development of energy projects and the added impact that the removal of forest waste could have on environmental air quality and safety. Two additional meetings were held for the public: one in Reno in October with 57 people attending, and one in Las Vegas in November with 48 people attending. The conferences attracted people from other states in addition to Nevadans. Powerpoints from the three conferences are available on the internet at:http://energy.state.nv.us/renewable/biomass.htm.

Results of the Conferences

The conferences raised the awareness of the potential of using biomass resources in Nevada and inspired cooperation between Las Vegas and Northern Nevada. As a result of the conferences, there is more interest in the beneficial use of biomass, biofuels, and gasification products to run generators. Another result of the meetings is that Nevada now has a state wide biomass working group that combines the activities of North and South.

Nevada Biomass Experts

The biomass Guru is Dusty Moller, Wood utilization Manager, Business Environmental Program, Small Business Development Center, University of Nevada – Reno, Cell: 702-275-9579, Office 702-866 -5962. Another resource in Nevada Biomass is Doug Martin, District Director, Nevada Tahoe Conservation District, dmartin@ntcd.org, and also, Sarah Adler, State Director, USDA Rural Development, Sarah.adler@nv.usda.gov.

Contact Information

For more information, contact Pete Konesky of the Nevada State Office of Energy at pkonesky@energy.nv.gov or by phone at 775/687-1850 x 7305.