and is totally safe.

and is totally safe.

Losing weight is easy! LYSE XL is a thermogenic weight loss formula that will naturally assist the body in burning more calories by using stored body fat for energy. It also works as an appetite suppressant and an energy booster so you feel less hungry and have more energy. LYSE XL is recommended by top doctors and is Ephedra free! and is totally safe.

If you use LYSE XL with a healthy diet and regular exercise you can lose weight even faster (however you can still lose weight with no dieting or exercise).

The Lyse XL will help you:
Increases fat metabolism thus combats obesity by reducing fat deposits.
Supports the digestive system, leading to ejection of wastes and assimilation of essential nutrients.
Controls onset of any depression or weight loss related mood swings.

Our WHO approved laboratory uses the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing procedures to produce the finest and most effective formula. LYSE XL remains a top seller among competitive brands, making it the #1 choice for those seeking safe and effective weight loss formula.


There are 3 possible ways of inducing a reduction in body fat.

1. Starvation diet - reducing food intake or food absorption.
2. Exercise - Daily workouts, to increase the rate that your body burns fat to make energy.
3. LYSE XL - Naturally help the body Enhance energy expenditure. LYSE XL combines a variety of herbal ingredients that maximize your body''s ability to absorb food and increase energy expenditure. This allows you to loose weight naturally, without starving diet programs or excessive workouts.

What is Thermogenesis and Lipolysis
You can reduce energy intake and absorption through thermogenic formulas such as LYSE XL. Thermogenesis is a term referring to the body''s production of heat. Heat production is a normal part of the metabolic process. Nutritional substances can also stimulate thermogenesis. Thermogenesis, when not simply needed for routine food digestion and metabolism, is both a source of heat and when stimulated through LYSE XL dietary supplementation, will increase metabolic rate. Fuel for this increased metabolic rate can be provided by stored body fat.

LYSE XL will assist in the thermogenic processes allowing you to naturally and safely burn fat and loose unwanted weight. While at the same time eating all the foods you love.

Before fat can be burned it must be broken down into small particles to free fatty acids and glycerol. This process is called Lipolysis. Hormones like cathecolamines and chemical compounds like xanthines found in the LYSE XL formula have lipolytic activity. These ingredients aid in lipolysis allowing your body to breakdown fat and turn it into energy. Kirin Philips, Ph.D. states that the formulation of LYSE XL, possesses the best combination of xanthine properties possible.